Fabindia Perfume Oil Review, Price, Buy Online India: Wild Rose and Ylang Ylang

Fabindia Perfume Oil Review 1

For an overall sex appeal, one needs to:

  1. Look good
  2. Feel good
  3. Smell good

While a lot of us focus on point number 1, and some manage to accomplish number 2 as well. But merely a handful of us manage to get to the essential point 3. Those of us who really get all these spot on, are the ones generally considered the hottest of hot! For me, a good perfume is always an investment on feeling good.  Continue reading →


EOS Visibly Soft Coconut Milk Lip Balm Review, Price, Buy Online India

eos Coconut Milk Lip Balm Review

Happy 2016 people! I wish all of you an absolutely amazing year full of beautiful surprises, priceless memories, and yes, a lot of learning! I know I am a bad keeper of promises, as I keep disappearing for weeks on end without posting, but life has been keeping me busy lately. I earned the love of so many readers in 2015, and I am so glad I decided to write this blog back in December 2014. I wish I am able to gather more love in 2016. I have bigger plans for Fashion Food Soul this year, so keep watching this space for updates.  Continue reading →

Budget Beauty Diaries: Make-up Multi-taskers


The cold, autumn rain yesterday evening brought a smile to my face. It brought me hope of cooler mornings, and longer nights. I love autumn rains. But now, I can’t wait for winters to set in and fog my windows, freeze my nose, and make life a little laidback! I’m a winter person, through and through. For me, life begins in October (when I’m no longer sweating hard), and almost ends every March, when temperature begins to soar. Continue reading →

The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel Review, Price

TBS Almond Shower Gel - FashionFoodSoul

I have completely lost patience with Indian television. All they show is

  1. An India filled with controversy, Babas, crimes, and conspiracies, courtesy our News-cum-Entertainment channels
  2. An India filled with joint families, drama, crying wives, plotting mothers-in-law, and more conspiracies, courtesy our so-called Entertainment Channels
  3. Re-runs of boring movies, courtesy our Movie Channels
  4. BIG BOSS (the Indian cousin of Big Brother)

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Can You Be Addicted to Lip Balms?

Can You Be Addicted to Lip Balms

One look at my blog, and the reader thinks that I am a lip balm addict! And why not? These are my most reviewed products. I have bought lip balms for the last 10 years (or more, if you consider those prehistoric Rs 20 tubes of Vaseline as lip balm). I carry around at least 5 types of lip balms with me in my bag, with 3-4 decorating my bedside table, a couple more lying on the dresser! But I consider myself a hoarder, not an addict. Continue reading →