EOS Lip Balm Sphere in Pomegranate Raspberry Review

1 I know I’m quite a late entrant to the blogging scene.. 😦 well, blame the nature of my job, and well yes, blame me as well. I’m an inherently lethargic soul, who thinks too much before actually starting something, as something or the other stops me.

Note to Self, and the Beautiful Reader: Don’t let anything stop you. Let the stumbling blocks be just that, stumbling blocks. Don’t let them stop you. Keep working and make your dreams translate into reality. Only you, yes, ONLY YOU, are responsible for making your dreams come true.

EOS lip balms have been around for quite a while now, and I ask you, would you not fall for the cutttteeeee packing? Continue reading →


7 thoughts on “EOS Lip Balm Sphere in Pomegranate Raspberry Review

  1. I love all your reviews. They’re very detailed and well written. Some of the products in your blog I haven’t heard of, because I’m in the US. We don’t have some of them in stores here, but I definitely have heard of the eos lip balm. They are everywhere here! I love them, too. I look forward to reading more of your blog and learning about products that are new to me.

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    1. Thanks so much for your love 🙂 i will try and cover more of globally available products as I understand a lot of things are not available everywhere. But yeah, you can tell me about American products and I’ll tell u about Indian stuff! 🙂

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