Nivea Creme Review


Hi all my dear readers! You know, I have never in my life experienced a proper snowfall. Living in a hot metro city like Delhi in a tropical country like India, what I have mostly experienced till date is unlimited rain, endless bouts of summer and very small but quite cold winters, for which I am always thankful 🙂 I only saw a few specks of snow in Nainital, a small hilly town, once.. But looking at the classic blue tin of Nivea Creme, somehow always makes me imagine snow. And you know what, the literal meaning of Nivea in Latin is ‘Snow’! Aptly named, must say..The stark bright white crème makes me feel really good..Makes me think of a warm cozy blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and makes me long for a snowfall in my city. Continue reading →


12 thoughts on “Nivea Creme Review

  1. I love your informative review on this product. Nivea has been my all time favorite ever since I can remember. You are absolutely right, it treats dry skin like no other cream. Is it because it contains magnesium sulfate? It’s our bathroom staple for ever 🙂 God willing!

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    1. It really treats dry skin so well! And I’m not sure about magnesium sulphate..I did some research but I just found that it is an anti-inflammatory.. I guess lanolin is the jewel in the crown! Being an animal origin fat, i think it creates a waterproof barrier, and provides essential oils that are more readily absorbed by the skin. Which ultimately helps heal dryness! Thanks for made me research the topic more 🙂

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