List of Baby Products Which YOU Should Be Using Too!


Childhood is the most beautiful time of one’s life. When all you have to worry about is the next day’s homework submission, the upcoming unit tests and winning in the street cricket. No worry about job promotion, increments and all the jazz that adulthood brings with it. I wish I could go back in time and re-live those days… Well, we can re-live them in a way! By using Baby Products!! 😛 Hehe..that won’t be childhood exactly, but can give you a mild reminiscent feeling of those days 😀 Using a Johnson’s baby product just gives me a sense of deep happiness..probably because the scent has remained the same for so many years! It is like a legacy of sorts..We used it, and before that our parents used it, and these are still very much around. So I never stop myself from buying these lovely goodies from the baby section in the mall 🙂 Continue reading →


20 thoughts on “List of Baby Products Which YOU Should Be Using Too!

  1. I love all these products as well. My aunt taught me years ago the baby oil trick of taking makeup off. It works quite well. My absolute favorite product is the Johnson’s baby cream, though. I haven’t used any of these in quite a while, but maybe I’ll start again.

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  2. Such great advice ; Johnsons baby oil smells soooo nice I always have a bottle or two during winter to really hydrate my skin! I find it a bit too heavy in summer but next year I will definitely be picking up a bottle of Talc! Thanks for the tip!

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  3. I have used baby oil & baby lotion ( my mom still loves the baby lotion). Will soon try out baby cream.. Also, I have heard that one can use baby shampoo for cleaning makeup brushes since it does not damage the bristles.


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  4. Such a great list. Its true these products smell great & Are so gentle. Almost everyone in my home love these too. Hehe thanks for the recommendations. 🙂


  5. This isn’t really a beauty use but it’s one of my faves. Living on the west coast we go to the beach and one of my pet peeves is sand in the car. I keep a bottle of baby powder in the car and if you sprinkle on your feet at the side of the car it allows you to rub the sand off without feeling like you are running sandpaper over your skin. The kids don’t mind it and you smell good too!


    1. Wow! That’s an amazing tip ☺ It is really quite hard to get rid of the ideally, everyone living close to the coast should have baby powder in their cars 😊 thanks for this advice!


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