Budget Beauty Diaries: 10 Beauty Essentials for Girls Within Rs. 1500


Are prices really shooting up faster than the speed of light, or is it just me feeling so? No, it ain’t my illusion. This is the commonest complaint I have ever heard. Continue reading →


45 thoughts on “Budget Beauty Diaries: 10 Beauty Essentials for Girls Within Rs. 1500

        1. Hey..you’re right..some of these are not available in the US. You could probably grab some e.l.f products instead..I hear e.l.f has really cheap and amazing eyeliner! Wet b wild lipsticks and glosses are quite cheap too! Its about choosing the product that fits your budget! 😊 some of the budget products are even better than high end ones!


    1. You’re so so right! I really miss stores like these in India..while we do have our local versions of it, but they dont have as great deals as your Ulta! whenever I am in the US next I’ll hoard the products that you’ve mentioned 😊

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  1. Hello, hello. 🙂 Just wanted to let you know I just nominated you for the Liebster Award.


    I’ll look forward to read your post. 🙂


  2. I loved this post, I have used most of the products and agree with you they are pretty good for the price. Yes the prices of many products are just keep hiking in a logarithmic scale, its good that still many good products are at a very reasonable price


    1. If you want a bright blood red lipstick, then go for MAT4 and MAT5 in Maybelline Colosensational Bold Matte range. It comes for 350 or 375, has extremely decent payoff and lasts long. Then in Colorbar there is the Velvet matte range, which sells for 275. In that, you could try the shade ‘obsessed orange’ and ‘hot hot hot’. Among the pinks, the same range has ‘thrilling pink’ which is a good shade. These would be my best budget lipsticks.


  3. Oops..totally skipped me! Among the streetwear range, the best reds and oranges would be ‘very vampire’ and ‘pink pirouette’ (i know the name is pink pirouette, but it actually is orange). Even the color ‘pink passion’ would suit you, as it is a hot pink and you could use it in your outfit posts a lot. The gloss has one really pretty color called ‘party melon’, it comes for Rs 150 only!

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  4. I stumbled upon your blog & I must say It is amazing. Im a skin care junkie 😉
    bt I loved the list. Im also using Johnson’s baby cream. It is so good especially the smell 🙂

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