The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo Review, Price, Buy Online India

Madam Butterfly decided to pay me a visit while I clicked this!

Have you ever given into something just ‘coz it was really popular, or was the latest fad, or seemed too promising? Well, I do fall a victim to gimmicks sometimes. I’m not referring solely to the marketing gimmicks employed by companies to compel you to buy Continue reading →


2 thoughts on “The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo Review, Price, Buy Online India

  1. I am really sad to hear that this shampoo did not work for you at all, because I now use it for more than a year and currently on my 3rd bottle now, that’s how much I love the shampoo and it works very well for my hair, If I oil my hair with light oils like almond oil it washes off in the first wash producing enough lather but when I started using thick oils like coconut oil recently then I shampoo my hair twice. I also brought the hair butter after reading your review and it works lovely on my hair, my hair looks more healthier now 🙂 I would have definitely got the unused bottle from you if I was in India, After reading your review now I understand why some products that worked well for many did not work well for me

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    1. Oh thanks for understanding my pain 😥 i really believed that this would do something really amazing for my hair, but alas! But I’m glad that you liked the hair butter from the range 🙂 i continue to love it, despite my bad experience with the shampoo


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