Are Parabens in Makeup and Skincare Products Really Harmful?


Nowadays, when information is as freely available to anyone with access to internet, awareness about what we eat, drink, apply, and use, is at its peak. A lot is being said, written, implied, and sold in the name of chemical-free, preservative-free, SLS-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free, and “random-chemical-name”-free products these days. Continue reading →


10 thoughts on “Are Parabens in Makeup and Skincare Products Really Harmful?

  1. Loved reading your article, being a full time scientific researcher myself and used to read lots and lots of scientific journals day to day, I was more happy to read your consolidated article with points well said. Though I am not an expert in toxicology myself I believe as you said the diseases we face today is due to many factors starting from our lifestyle, food habits, environment factors all interplaying together as more chemicals are getting into our body through all of the above.

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    1. Exactly! How can we blame just one chemical which has been in use for ages, to cause something like cancer? While I’m open to change my view if more research pours in, but the fact remains that we just shouldn’t blindly fall for the latest ”chemical-free” fad without proper knowledge. I’m so glad that you liked my post 🙂

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  2. Your post could not have been timed better. Just the other day I purchased some handsoap, and as I set it beside my sink, I noticed that its label boasted of being Paraben free. I literally said out loud “like I know what a freakin Paraben is”. I intended to research it for myself, and then I noticed your post. Thanks for the abridged education!

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