Budget Beauty Diaries: Make-up Multi-taskers


The cold, autumn rain yesterday evening brought a smile to my face. It brought me hope of cooler mornings, and longer nights. I love autumn rains. But now, I can’t wait for winters to set in and fog my windows, freeze my nose, and make life a little laidback! I’m a winter person, through and through. For me, life begins in October (when I’m no longer sweating hard), and almost ends every March, when temperature begins to soar. Continue reading →


The Body Shop Almond Shower Gel Review, Price

TBS Almond Shower Gel - FashionFoodSoul

I have completely lost patience with Indian television. All they show is

  1. An India filled with controversy, Babas, crimes, and conspiracies, courtesy our News-cum-Entertainment channels
  2. An India filled with joint families, drama, crying wives, plotting mothers-in-law, and more conspiracies, courtesy our so-called Entertainment Channels
  3. Re-runs of boring movies, courtesy our Movie Channels
  4. BIG BOSS (the Indian cousin of Big Brother)

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