Nestle Extra Smooth Chocolate Review, Price India


Smooth. I love this word! Have you noticed how some words are so perfect?! Like ‘Hope’, which always makes me imagine a horizon with a beautiful sunset, with boundless possibilities ahead. The word ‘Glamour’, which just makes one think of high fashion glossies and a ramp! Smooth, for me, is one such pretty word, Continue reading →


Cadbury Bournville Review: Rich Cocoa, Cranberry and Raisin & Nut Review, Price India


Woohoo, it’s Friday! Life seems better on a Friday, I feel most of you would agree. The great feeling of not having to get up early on a Saturday is just the icing on the cake. Plus, we get to live the life that we actually want to live, only on the weekends! Continue reading →

Britannia Nutri Choice Heavens Cookies Review: ‘Banana and Almonds’ and ‘Cranberry’ Variants


It is Christmas today! A very Happy Christmas to you all 🙂 Christmas is my most favourite festival of the year, with the chill in the air and festivities all around, beautiful Christmas tree decorations everywhere, Santa Claus roaming in streets and malls! The cheer and happiness is so tangible!

Britannia came up with this really cute advertisement for their new range of luxury cookies called Heavens! And I feel they have been launched with the correct tone in their ad..the background vocals feels so wintry, and heavenly. The promo shows all the great ingredients of the cookie, such as cranberries, bananas and almonds flying up to heaven. The jingle goes like, “Good things go to..Heaven!!” I loved this promo, and everything about it felt so right for me to go and pick up this box of cookies ASAP! Continue reading →