Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Review


Gosh guys! I’m loving the feeling of blogging! No wonder it is so addictive. All I can do throughout the day is think of what to write next 🙂 Writing is something that I enjoyed since my childhood. But this got lost somewhere in the extremely cumbersome course of my Pharmacy studies. And then, I immediately started working, never really taking out time to do this venting out, which comes so naturally to me when I sit down with a pen and paper, or with an open blank word doc. And now that I have started, I can’t stop! With so many products lying around me, this is what I thought of covering today, as I have used it for a long time, not very regularly, but yes, it does remain in my handbag. Well, to tell the truth, I carry a lot of products with me all the time, but I’m mostly too occupied with work or thoughts that I don’t use these as often as I intend to. Continue reading →