Denim: Hottest Trend of 2015!

Denim - Copy

While your basic blue denim will never go out of fashion, the lovers of this fabric have reasons to hoard more this year. This fabric, which was originally designed to make robust work-wear for cowboys and miners, has now come back into mainstream fashion and how! Everyone, from Burberry to Kenzo, LV to Tommy Hilfiger, Continue reading →


6 thoughts on “Denim: Hottest Trend of 2015!

  1. Great post Poorva! Haven’t seen you for awhile. I have a lot of denim shirts. I’m not big on skirts but I have some really nice jackets I picked up from a thrift shop. Maybe I should do a OFOTD for the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) crowd, in all denim! Wait, that might involve elastic waist pants, oh never mind.

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