Lakme Lip Love Lip Care Review: Cherry Variant


Winters for me mean endless cups of coffee, eating home made ‘gajar halwa’, enjoying the shivering cold and yes, cursing it at the same time for making my skin even worse 😀 I have this habit of buying lip balms, but I really don’t know why, I don’t apply them as often as I should. Whenever something new hits the stores, I love to buy it, and add it to my bag, and it is used really well for 2 days. Then, it mixes up with the rest of the stash and we are back to square one. But I guess a lot of girls go through the same! So my new addition to the stash was Lakme Lip Love Lip Care (that’s a lot of ‘L’s!). Continue reading →


List of Baby Products Which YOU Should Be Using Too!


Childhood is the most beautiful time of one’s life. When all you have to worry about is the next day’s homework submission, the upcoming unit tests and winning in the street cricket. No worry about job promotion, increments and all the jazz that adulthood brings with it. I wish I could go back in time and re-live those days… Well, we can re-live them in a way! By using Baby Products!! 😛 Hehe..that won’t be childhood exactly, but can give you a mild reminiscent feeling of those days 😀 Using a Johnson’s baby product just gives me a sense of deep happiness..probably because the scent has remained the same for so many years! It is like a legacy of sorts..We used it, and before that our parents used it, and these are still very much around. So I never stop myself from buying these lovely goodies from the baby section in the mall 🙂 Continue reading →

Britannia Nutri Choice Heavens Cookies Review: ‘Banana and Almonds’ and ‘Cranberry’ Variants


It is Christmas today! A very Happy Christmas to you all 🙂 Christmas is my most favourite festival of the year, with the chill in the air and festivities all around, beautiful Christmas tree decorations everywhere, Santa Claus roaming in streets and malls! The cheer and happiness is so tangible!

Britannia came up with this really cute advertisement for their new range of luxury cookies called Heavens! And I feel they have been launched with the correct tone in their ad..the background vocals feels so wintry, and heavenly. The promo shows all the great ingredients of the cookie, such as cranberries, bananas and almonds flying up to heaven. The jingle goes like, “Good things go to..Heaven!!” I loved this promo, and everything about it felt so right for me to go and pick up this box of cookies ASAP! Continue reading →

Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon + Vitamin B3 Review


Activated carbon reminds me of my chemistry lab in college, where we used this stuff to remove (adsorb-to be chemically correct!) impurities out of the products that we synthesized. Never did I imagine that the amazing property of activated carbon to adsorb impurities would be utilized in skincare products!! Pond’s even shows this in the product’s advertisement, when a sphere of activated carbon is dropped into a glass with dirty water and it goes clean in a while. Continue reading →

Delhi Street Shopper Diaries: Want to Buy Real Leather Jacket? Head to Yashwant Place: The Leather Hub of Delhi!


I had been on a hunt for the perfect leather jacket for months! No store in any mall had been left unexplored; no online portal had been left unchecked. The regular, faux leather ones in the malls just didn’t seem to entice me, despite some of them having great designs. I just didn’t want to spend a bomb on something that would last me only 1-2 seasons, as I feel that these pieces are a wardrobe investment. My hunt continued… Continue reading →

Nivea Creme Review


Hi all my dear readers! You know, I have never in my life experienced a proper snowfall. Living in a hot metro city like Delhi in a tropical country like India, what I have mostly experienced till date is unlimited rain, endless bouts of summer and very small but quite cold winters, for which I am always thankful 🙂 I only saw a few specks of snow in Nainital, a small hilly town, once.. But looking at the classic blue tin of Nivea Creme, somehow always makes me imagine snow. And you know what, the literal meaning of Nivea in Latin is ‘Snow’! Aptly named, must say..The stark bright white crème makes me feel really good..Makes me think of a warm cozy blanket, a mug of hot chocolate and makes me long for a snowfall in my city. Continue reading →

Bobbi Brown Saket, New Delhi: Store Coverage and “Secret to Perfect Skin” Makeup Lesson

Bobbi Brown Saket

“I love the way people look, and I love making women look beautiful”, says one of the most inspirational women in International Makeup and Beauty sphere, Bobbi Brown. I admire her, and really find her advice very meaningful, be it regarding the empowerment of women or about finding the right lipstick shade. Her stores across the world have taken the responsibility to teach women how to do perfect makeup. And I lined up for one such session at her store in Select Citywalk, Saket on a sunny winter afternoon. And boy, I loved every minute of it! Continue reading →