Delhi Street Shopper Diaries: Want to Buy Real Leather Jacket? Head to Yashwant Place: The Leather Hub of Delhi!


I had been on a hunt for the perfect leather jacket for months! No store in any mall had been left unexplored; no online portal had been left unchecked. The regular, faux leather ones in the malls just didn’t seem to entice me, despite some of them having great designs. I just didn’t want to spend a bomb on something that would last me only 1-2 seasons, as I feel that these pieces are a wardrobe investment. My hunt continued… Continue reading →


30 thoughts on “Delhi Street Shopper Diaries: Want to Buy Real Leather Jacket? Head to Yashwant Place: The Leather Hub of Delhi!

  1. Indian leather jackets last a lifetime and then some! The quality and make is so fine and above par. Love the color you chose..I have been in the look out for a good tan jacket for a while, given the one I bought here is now falling apart…


    1. Hi, Poorva!

      Very nice and informative article. You have explained everything very succinctly. I was hoping if you could suggest me a shop at Yashwant place for leather Jackets for men. And also, could you shed some light on how to spot a fake leather jacket?

      Thanking you in anticipation.

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      1. Hey Roshian, thank you for your kind words. I had bought mine from a shop named Harisons Leathers. There are lots of shops around, and you should definitely dig around before you decide to buy a piece. Spotting fake leather can be a bit tough, as polyurethane these days is of a very good quality. However, one can try distinguish by looking closely, feeling the texture (PU is often harder and extremely uniform in feel, while leather, being a natural material, has a comparatively non-uniform texture). You can also try to smell it up, as leather does have a characteristic odour. There is a flame test for leather, but I’m pretty sure none of the dealers will allow you to do that! (leather does not burn easily, while PU and other synthetic material should catch fire easily). I hope I have answered all your questions 🙂 thanks again for reading.

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  2. I love this post! Leather jackets are still non existent here in my city! Superb buy this one!
    Oh and I just chanced upon your blog and I loved it! Call me racist, but I have a thing for Indian bloggers and more so if they are Indian fashion bloggers. 😍😊

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            1. Thank you ☺ you are very kind.. I bought mine from a shop named Harisons Leathers. You could try that shop. But yes, whatever you buy, do check the quality!


    1. It can be a bit difficult to tell them apart. But try to feel the texture a bit. Also, try smelling it as real leather smells like, you know, leather! I bought mine by comparing the softness of the material. The leather jacket I bought was really soft against a PU jacket that I wore that day. There is a flame test to tell the difference between real and synthetic leather, but I don’t think any shop owner would allow that!! I hope you find a good jacket ☺


  3. Hi Purva. Chanced upon your Blog and am so glad that I did. I have always wanted to buy a Leather Jacket but some how have not been able to find one to my taste in brands like VeroModa, Zara etc. and the ones which I did like were too pricey. I’ll check out this complex in the coming winters and if I do buy something then will drop by again with a big hug 🙂

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