Black Nail Polish: Glam, Not Goth!


What do you think of the color black? To me, it is the color of elegance and sophistication but also represents boldness and rebellion. Black is the color you would see most commonly worn in the corporate setting Continue reading →


Everyuth Naturals Radiant Fairness Strawberry Scrub Review, Price

FFS everyuth Strawberry scrub 1

Everyone with dry skin, raise your hands! I know, a lot of you would identify with me, as I suffer terribly with flakiness despite extensive moisturization and pampering. Exfoliation does help, albeit only for a day or two. But without exfoliation, I really can’t imagine my life! Continue reading →

Olay Natural White All In One Fairness Night Cream Review


I’m the girl who needs her face creams badly. Even one day without a proper cream and my skin goes dull and lifeless. Having dry skin of this sort in a tropical country like India has its boons, but come winters, and this becomes a huge pain you know where 😦 So I’m always on the lookout for anything that helps retain hydration for long periods. I recently started using night creams Continue reading →